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    Camera: Canon EOS 350D Digital
    Exposure: 0.125 sec (1/8)
    Aperture: f/5
    Focal Length: 43 mm
    ISO Speed: 100

    This is a picture i took at somewhere in Seranggoon north. This is a project base on the book Non-places by Mark Auge. The interesting part about this picture is that the underexpose of the top on bottom creates a dramatic look just like in the movies . Happy criticizing and have a nice day.
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    I expect to see more in-depth details next time.
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    Good picture. A tighter crop would definitely help. Too much black on the top and bottom. A movie feel you say. Maybe you could consider waiting for an old person to walk into the light at the further end. This would add more perspective, focus and life into the picture. Think about it.

    Looks a little empty.

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    i am not so wild about your "intended underexposure", to be it is not important, because blackness is going to blackness no matter how painstakingly you sought to achieve it, it is so easily added later on, no one is going to care or tell.

    i must say, this is a pretty nice frame, a very surrealistic feel is achieved. maybe you should try more of these, form a series, see how it floats.

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    nice pic... although adding some "life" to it will make is a better pic.

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    if you can make the length of this area more longer i think will add more perspective to your presentation.

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    i like the composition and exposure u used here
    just thought it would be nice if there was something to focus on at the end
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    Most of the important points had already been highlighted by others, all Ican add is that, if you should ( could be due to site restriction ) be able to shoot it ( same composition ) using a longer focal length, you might be able to compress the space ( perspective ) more, and the graphic effect/sense of square within square will be enhanced.

    Somehow, this type of approach/composition had been explored, by looking down/up from stairwell, long corridors etc.

    Only thing I ( personally ) dislike are the distracting refuse chamber doors and the inspection chamber( manhole cover ) on the ground, somehow distracted the otherwise visually strong picture. Good try.

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    It suppose to be empty because my project is about non-places. But i will take note of your comment. Thanks.

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    And also i have a series of it.

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    yeah cropping would really help. Should also try to add more depth to it so that the picture comes to life...i think try a different metering? overall not bad quite nice in terms of direction of light and so on =)
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    it's like a "vanishing point" but not quite...

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    love this picture! the black at the top and bottom of the picture accentuates the center focus.


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