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    Thumbs up Singapore Arts Festival 2009

    To all,

    The singapore arts festival 2009 will begin today 15 May until 14June.

    A great photo opportunity for all photographers here, so grab ur camera along and take photos for the events that have.

    Attached is the website that you will have all the detail n informations, dont miss it as its only one year once.

    enjoy shooting.


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    Default Re: Singapore Arts Festival 2009

    flipside Free Performances
    Various artists (Japan/Korea/Singapore/Thailand)
    Enjoy fun and entertainment for all, with free events along Esplanade’s waterfront
    and the concourse! Watch out for a smorgasbord of performances, from J-pop and
    mime to rhythmic painting, and much, much more!
    21 May – 14 Jun,
    from 6.15pm onwards
    Various venues around
    the Esplanade

    Stalker Theatre Company (Australia)
    A unique hybrid piece comprising dance theatre, live music and circus-style arts, Red
    forms the second part of a triptych of performances developed by David Clarkson,
    Co-Artistic Director of Stalker, a world renowned physical theatre company.
    Red explores the end of the world as foreseen by Western science and science fiction:
    Imagine the Earth in several billion years, faced with an imminent collision with the
    sun. What forms will humans take? What will be our obsessions and desires as we
    prepare for the earth to fall into the sun? How do we dance goodbye to the Earth
    we once knew?
    Exploring the texture and ephemeral nature of falling, suspension and gravity, Red is
    an extreme movement work of frenetic beauty portraying a journey to the end of
    time, into the remote landscape of the imagination.

    22 – 24 May, 8pm
    VivoCity, The Plaza
    45 mins
    Sponsored by
    Supported by The Australian
    High Commission

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    Default Re: Singapore Arts Festival 2009

    for the next weekend

    The Diamond
    The Dream Engine (UK)
    Watch the gigantic Diamond come to life. Unfurling like a transparent giant orchid, it
    achieves full bloom at a height of 11 metres. Be mesmerised as the solo aerial dancer
    within moves and twirls to the crescendos of music and colourful, dancing lights,
    suspended on what seems to be nothing but a column of light. After dark, the lights
    reflect and refract in crystalline formations, creating ghostly images that mirror the
    hypnotic beauty of the dancer.

    29 – 31 May, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm
    Merlion Park
    12 mins


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