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Thread: IQ Bokeh and Stops

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    Default IQ Bokeh and Stops

    Never really knew what these terms refer to.

    Tried googling IQ but you can guess what i got haha.

    Any help here guys?


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    Default Re: IQ Bokeh and Stops

    1. image quality (no need google ba)
    2. bokeh
    3. aperture (f-number on wiki), ISO, shutter speed

    research accordingly.
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    Default Re: IQ Bokeh and Stops

    IQ are refer to the image quality, it has nothing to do to the IQ of the photographers.

    Bokeh are refer to the quality of the Out of focus area which a lens can produce when using shallow depth of field, usually pursuing bokeh blindly will cause piggy bank to broke.

    In photography, stops are also a unit used to quantify ratios of light or exposure, with one stop meaning a factor of two, or one-half. The one-stop unit is also known as the EV (exposure value) unit.
    taken from F-number - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Default Re: IQ Bokeh and Stops

    Make sure you also read the newbies guide to photography. Read more on the basics of exposure.

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    Default Re: IQ Bokeh and Stops

    Read the sticky Newbies Guide, everything nicely explained.


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