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    Anyone knows where to purchase a desk phone recorder ?

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    err, no one knows where to get one ?

    It is to record conversation such as when customer place orders, etc, something to use as an audit trail.

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    electrical shop may have.
    i used to hv one during my teen days to record conversation between me n my many siao eh.
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    It is hard to find one in Singapore now. Last time 2nd level SLS used to have.

    Because I needed one recently, I went to buy from eBay, which can look something like this:

    It is cheap, so just order online and get it. Do a search in ebay for "telephone recorder" and many will appear.

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    nowadays is mainly digital already. iirc i bought 1 olympus or some brand voice recorder, it came with a phone jack to the set device to record phone conversation.
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    Wazzat building across parliment? There might hav.
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