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Thread: 18-55 & tamron/sigma 55-200

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    Hey guys, I was wondering whether you all could give me advice on whether to get the tamron/sigma 55-200f4-5.6. I already have an 18-55 kit lens on my 400d body. I've read that people like the 18-55 and 55-250 or 55-200 combination.

    My budget is a little tight, like below 400ish.

    The story goes like this. I like the 18-55, but I find that I want more reach than the 55mm can give. the 55-200 seems pretty suitable to give me reach beyond 55. I don't think I'll mind switching lenses when I'm on the move.

    I've thought about the sigma 28-300 but its a little out of budget, on basis that I don't have to switch lenses. Thank you very much! I've exhausted alot of literature on reviews reading up on this

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    You could try EFS55-250, search the forum, got quite good user opinion.
    Check MS, they may still sell it at 360 include GST....

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    Default Re: 18-55 & tamron/sigma 55-200

    on budget?

    perhaps a 2hand Tamron 70-300mm F4-5.6 ($180) + Canon 50mm F1.8 ($120)

    on join our 450D in kopitam for TCSS plus outing..

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