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    Hi all,

    was just wondering if any one cld guild me in creating my very own " book " filled with pictures i taken.. simple simple one like those kids books... very few words mostly picture

    softwares to use.. how do i do a page book that can really be printed out n kept as a goal for my hobbie .

    Thanks in advance

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    Have you looked in the digital darkroom section? Tried a search online? Googled "how to create photo book"?

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    If I'm in your position, I will just try to use a software that I'm comfortable with. Example, microsoft power point, of course the quality is not good.

    I heard online, a website there offering a way to do it.

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    Hmm, I think I know what you mean but I'm not sure what stores in Singapore offer this service. There's a shop in Australia called Michael's which does it...

    Is that what you're looking for? I don't know what they can do over the telephone or email though.

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    i'm sure quite a number of photo stores can do this.
    I personally know of one at Level 3 of Far East Plaza, somewhere close to the overhead bridge crossing.
    Used to be called KC Colourlab, but now called 'PP -something'
    Same owner.
    Exploring! :)

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    hi this has been discussed before on CS. But just to help you along, i recently did my first print with and am quite happy with the results. they do provide their own software as well. it's as easy as drag and drop. you could also do your own layout if you wish with InDesign, Photoshop etc. if you google photobook, you will probably find other publishers as well.

    Have fun!


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