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Thread: Problems scanning negatives from a flatbed

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    Default Problems scanning negatives from a flatbed

    Hey there,

    CUrrently I'm using my flatbed Canoscan 5000F to scan my slides. However, the nightshots are not recognised by the scanner / software which then leaves them out of the preview page. It is only through the preview page that I can select which to scan. Not only night shots, but some shots that are darker are being cropped in the wrong way ... leaving out some parts of the frame. Is there a solution ?

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    No solution except to manually use the rectangular marquee to select which area to scan. The slides are simply too dark/dense for the software algo to differentiate which is the slide area and which is the border.

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    How do I manually do it ? I dont see it in the options. Once I select positive scanning, there is little else that I can do. Any Idea ?
    Thanks mate.

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    It depends on the scanner software, but I believe all should have such an option else you will be totally helpless when it comes to situations like this.

    Is there an advanced/expert mode for the software? Or an alternative preview mode?

    There should be a mode that allows you to manually define the area to be scanned, similar to what you do when scanning some documents or photos manually.

    If not, you can try downloading other scanning software from the net like Vuescan and try.


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