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  • I touch up every pictures I take.

    15 34.88%
  • I do exposure/colour/brightness correction on some photos.

    12 27.91%
  • Depends on my mood.

    3 6.98%
  • I only do minor corrections to a few photos.

    12 27.91%
  • I will NEVER EVER alter my digital photos!

    1 2.33%
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Thread: Is Digital Darkroom really that important?

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    Default Is Digital Darkroom really that important?

    Is Digital Darkroom really that important?

    For film, u can choose wat flim/slide to use...
    Different films give u different pictures/colours.
    Post processing usually involves minimal or no processing.

    For digital, you use the same sensor over & over again.
    Not as much choice as film.
    Even increasing ISO is only amplifying the voltage.

    So is it necessary to do more post processing for digital photographs to get the result you want?

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    Where's Option #6?

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    I haven't vote yet

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    hmm ... other than resizing n cropping .... the rest not important to me ~~~

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    For digital, you can have Velvia or NPH or E100VS from the same CCD depending on how you process.

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    I do touch on pix cos my lens is dirty. Noteable when taking macro.

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    i just do auto-level and resizing in Photoshop. That's all.


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