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    Good Day to all... just to ask what TRIPOD can you recommend for a newbie like me... Any particular brand or items to check? What about the budget? Thanks in advance...

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    You tell us. Your budget, camera weight, do you want to carry it around, do you want to take it overseas, what do you like to shoot.
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    Gitai got mine from B&S yesterday.

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    You may start to think from your camera. What is the weight? You may consider the future possible addition of lenses, which may add on weight.

    You need for general purpose tripod or?

    How much you willing to spend?

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    read this to understand what you HAVE TO CONSIDER

    look at this to find out what sort of budget you have to set aside

    decide on a few choices, and ask for comparison here, then people can throw in their 2 cents if they have used the individual models before


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