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    I just bought my first DSLR yesterday!! I tried the camera at the shop and also after i went back home. Today, when i read the manual, the manual says i should charge the battery before using it...but i have used it already... does it matter? should i use up all the remaining power and then charge to full?

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    Modern Lithium-Ion batteries don't really have the "memory" effect, but I'd still sugest letting it go for full discharge/charge cycles.

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    the power in new batteries not fully charge, best you charge it till full before use, else you will have a flat battery half way during a shoot.

    away, for camera batteries, you need to go a rounds of charging cycles to get optimum results, and you can charge Lithium-Ion batteries at anytime.
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    Don't worry and just charge it fully. After a few cycles, it'll be running smoothly...
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