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Thread: New to DSLR.

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    Default Re: New to DSLR.

    TS - since u have some old nikon lense, check if the glasses are still in good condition, if so u can consider staying with nikon and pick up a D80/90. D80 is discon but still can find some 1st hand at some shops.

    D80 is a good camera to use and easy to pickup in terms of usage, D90 is a notch better than the D80 with its LCD and ISO performance. good up to ISO 1600 and the 3" LCD is sharper and better, allow u to review your shoots on the spot better, checking for sharpness and color. D80's LCD cant show purple well from my experiance, D90 from my friend show purple much better.

    Side track: (what i know, but i may be wrong so pls correct me if so. more knowledge )
    Nikon lens some dont have build in focus motor but all lense be it old or new can be mounted onto any Nikon camera FX or DX or old film type and use.

    Canon got EF and EF-S lens and all have build in focusing motor but EF-S lens cant be mounted onto a full frame camera as it will damage the camera flip up mirror.
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    Default Re: New to DSLR.

    I think you are right there. I'm afraid to use 'ALL' in case someone finds a Nikon lens that cannot be mounted, then die la
    so I shall say MANY MANY nikon lenses from even the older generation can be mounted onto a Nikon DSLR and used.
    Depending on the lens, you have either:

    - all functions
    - all functions except autofocus
    - no 'auto-anything', i.e. can only fire in manual mode.
    [did I miss out on any other possibility?]

    I think for the Canons, if the mount is wrong, you can't even mount the lens onto the camera body.
    Exploring! :)

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    Default Re: New to DSLR.

    just as long as it is an f mount it can be mounted and will not damage the camera in any way

    check the user manual, it is stated there.

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