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Thread: Olympus E-1 Forum Series #1

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    Default Olympus E-1 Forum Series #1

    PDF File with more information

    Saturday November 15th 2003
    Suntec Convention Centre, Level 2, Theatre
    Session 1 : 11am
    Session 2 : 2pm
    All are welcome, admission is free, but seats are limited.

    Register by clicking here

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    Lightbulb Feedback

    I attended the 11.00 am session, In the segment by Mr Tan Kah Heng, the audience were treated to a quite technical lesson on 4/3 standard. Clearly, the benefits of 4/3 'open standard' were explained and its future for DSLR.

    Apart from (too often) repetition of 'Ladies and gentlemen' or something like that by Mr Tan, the segment was quite technical.

    I also briefly visited the display area in the room next to the auditorium, there were display of equipments, three flower/nature setup with elichrohm lightings were available. I believe Duncan of CP was in attendance, behind the counter.

    Well, according to Mr Tan, the future of 4/3 is almost here to stay, so DSLR owners or owners to be, take note when considering buying. Currently, Olympus, Kodak and Fuji are members of the 4/3 consortium.

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    I would say, it made other DSLR users think again on their DSLR manufacturers are doing to improve the CCD, the digital Lenses, instead of using the analog lenses.

    My advise would be, for those who has no DLSR, and intend to buy a DSLR... it would be an excellent choice to go for Olympus E1. For existing DSLR users, if you have the extra cash, you can invest into the Olympus E1.

    Just my 2 cents opinion.


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