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Thread: who wants to share fifa 2004?

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    Default who wants to share fifa 2004?

    There is currently a promotion in most IT stalls, where you can buy 2 EA games with one free.

    I wanna get the fifa 2004 (original, so i can play online), but not interested in other games.

    anyone wanna pitch in to get other games? fifa 2004 is selling at 49.90, and 3 for 99.80 lor.

    pm me if interested.

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    It's a rushed game by EA... so many bugs...

    You might wanna check out
    There's one box for sale there..

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    thanks for the reply.

    many bugs....any one tried playing it already? any comments?

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    which version are u talking about PC or Xbox or PS2 version?

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    sorry...talking about the pc version. thats the one with the offer.

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    I have the game.
    Important thing is that even though they released it, graphics not finalised yet.

    Also personal opinion is that computer's ai is better in terms of ball interception etc, but goalkeeping sux ( different when u play online though.)


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