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Thread: Deal gone bad : Beware of this Counterparty

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    Default Deal gone bad : Beware of this Counterparty

    For those who have been following this thread, I am pretty convinced the seller has no interest in honouring the agreed terms. Been calling him and while the line gets thru now , he is refusing to pick it up. For those who want some background,

    So to potential buyers and sellers, take note of this guy :

    Name : Qiwei (real name)

    Nick : you can do a search on Sigma 105mm on the Buy/sell thread as Swimcraze suggested, although I don't want to jump to conclusion as it may just be coincidence that 2 people were selling the same lens then.

    Location : Sembawang. He claims to live there but will never meet u at his void deck / house. Would rather travel to MRT station for meeting.

    Handphone : 94704085. You are most welcomed to call him. If his phone is really stolen, this can irritate the thief as well.

    I guess this will put a close to this thread. Still have a nice Sigma 105mm f2.8 nikon mount for sale at $450. Anyone??


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    Default Dishonest Clubsnapper

    I have received several PMs asking for the details of the dishonest clubsnapper. Apparently, some didn't know the thread has been moved to Kopitiam....

    Anyway, just an upz. Tried calling him and same outcome, hp switched off immediately upon hearing my voice.

    Again, tks for those who offered their kind words.

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    my sympathies eric...

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    Not as bad as some of the sad stories we've heard about bad deals. At least you've still got your lens and at a price that you'd agreed to purchase it for.

    Wonder why he's suddenly got cold feet on the agreement for a refund if it didn't fit your underwater casing.

    The lens is in working order and ok, isn't it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by waisj
    my sympathies eric...

    Most probably he needed the money and since he already got the money ...... hehehehe .... of course it would be wise for Eric to check with Nikon to see if that piece of lens is stolen property. sound suspiciously the case, if I may say so........


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