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Thread: CD-Rs or sale! (Cheap!!!)

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    Default CD-Rs or sale! (Cheap!!!)

    Hey guys~

    CD-rs for sale here... All in sets of 50pc in a hardcover casing. Spindle form. Price is relatively cheap compared to stores... so grab now! Price Negotiable if bought in bulk. Here’s the list respectively in order of
    Type, Write Speed, Reserve Price

    Samsung, 4x-48x, $20
    Memorax, 4x-48x, $20
    Imation, 4x-48x, $20
    Sony, 4x-48x, $20
    TDK Gold, 4x-48x, $20
    Sony Multi-colored, 4x-32x, $25

    SMS me at 91278322 if you want to buy... Can deal anytime since now is my hols.
    City hall, Dhoby Ghaut or Serangoon or areas along NEL is also fine with me. Do not PM me as I would no longer go online anymore. Just sms or call me. Thanks.

    All comes with CD cover, in spindle form, and still packed in seal(unopened), no receipt though, cos’ purchased in bulk....

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    Moved thread to Kopitiam. germ_boi, this is a warning. This is not the 1st time you are posting the same thread in Buy & Sell. Pls observe the Guidelines for Buy & Sell threads/posts or action will be taken.

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