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    Hi guys..

    Let's express our thanks and best wishes for our mum for this coming Mother's Day in the site below. Click on the location of your mum on the map to post a special dedication to her (straight to her doorstep)


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    Happy Mother's day to all mothers in CS.

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    Default Re: Mother's Day Dedication

    happy mother's day to all the mothers here!

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    Mum a BIG THANKS for giving birth to me, putting up with all my naughty acts, being patient with my destructive behaviour (screwdriver was my fav toy) and getting creative with permanent marker on the sofa and grandfather's stamp collection which was not so secured on top of the cupboard (I cannot remember how I manage to get that anymore), being my nurse for all list of injuries from head (I was a tumblin baby and I like to play on staircase) to toe (I lost a nail once), for baking me yummy cookies, for the snacks when my friends come and study with me (they actually come for the snacks more than the study), and for nagging me less now to find a girl who dont mind marrying me and continue the tradition.


    Mum is the BEST! (sorry dad - you have to be 2nd best but well you dont mind do you? Else mum will bully you by stop cooking.)
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