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Thread: Good Nasi briyani

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheQuestion View Post
    the one at the coffee shop by my place has raisins cashew nuts and other good stuff!
    And where is your place? India?
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    6th Avenue, corner coffeeshop nearest to 7-11. The briyani is light and fluffy and the meat curry servings are not too salty or oily.

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    Those Briyani that is nice have the 'dum' title... but i dun know whether that title they give themselves a not... they can just say they are 'dum' but we won't know mah...

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    Best nasi briyani i gotta say is Yusoff Power briyani and Arbak or isit Abak briyani near the masjid sultan...lotsa meat and rice too if u eat there...
    Islamic briyani used to be good but quality dropped in my opinion.

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