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Thread: A little help on Holga cameras?

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    Default A little help on Holga cameras?

    Hi, do help me with this puzzling question if you guys have time!

    I was looking at Holga cameras, and film cameras too. Isn't it difficult to figure out the exposure settings to prevent the pictures from turning out totally blank because of over/under-exposure?

    Also, what about Holga? The camera sets its own settings?

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    film camera can ve automation to help est the proper shutter/aperture relative to the film ISO to achieve proper exposure.

    for manual film camera, u can set according to the exposure meter.

    for holga, there is only 1 shutter speed (approx 1/100)(ignoring bulb setting) and 1 aperture (approx f8). so, manytimes, it depends on the film's exposure latitude to get the proper exposure.

    of course, u can somewat help beforehand by loading film of certain ISO.


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