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Thread: Any tips to minimise CMOS sensor dust?

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    Default Any tips to minimise CMOS sensor dust?

    My EOS 300D is barely two months old. Went on a recent trip to Perth and started to notice obvious blobs on my pictures especially in the pictures with clear skies / clean backgrounds.

    Checked the sensor and found at least 3 spots of "unblowable" dust stuck on the sensor. Thing is, despite my best efforts to prevent dust entry (changing lenses "shielded" away from wind, pointing the camera downwards during lens changing, changing lenses in the least time possible), the sensor still got dirty!

    Already sent my camera back to Canon for cleaning. Any one has any tips to share as to how to minimise dust entry with DSLRs?


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    have a 1.4TC on the mount all the time.... this way.. you only need to clean the TC ......


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