iPreciation presents

"Dogs and Such" - An Exhibition of Works by Koh Tien Gui
Opening on 11 November 2003, 6.30 pm
Exhibition from 11 November ~ 19 November 2003
Venue : #01-10 The Fullerton Singapore (Fullerton Hotel) (opposite the Post Bar)

It took his wife`s dog to draw out the artistic juices in Koh Tien Gui and a two-year working stint in Geneva Switzerland to set this budding artist on the road to the unpredictable and often capricious world of art and artists. Distinctive in his choice of medium, Tien Gui employs only crayons to create his colourful, magical and engagingly whimsical world. Mainly self- taught, although he credits his Secondary School art teacher as the one who opened his eyes to art by crayon, his drawings are at once warm, enthralling and captivating. His first exhibition, held in Geneva, displayed a kaleidoscope of child-like images of animals. His second exhibition, held in Singapore, featured drawings focused on characters atypical in local wayangs. His third, also held in Singapore, was a continuation of his exploration of the local wayang. Now, his fourth exhibition comes full circle by returning to his first love, in fact, to the one that started it all, his animal menagerie. With a style inspired by modern day artists like the late Nikki Saint Phalle and Mackenzie Thorpe, his drawings are never sublime nor mysterious. Each piece is specially crafted to bellow out the wonderful essence of life, infusing with each stroke of his crayons, universal themes of love and joy.

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