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Thread: Model Avail -- 22 Nov -- Earlier is a mistake

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    Default Model Avail -- 22 Nov -- Earlier is a mistake

    21 Nov possible also. evening studio anyone ... ?

    22 Nov for outdoor.

    Pic found here

    Avail for outdoor shoot. Beachwear to other ideas if you have.

    I need help from a team leader to organise.

    We can work together on the cost.

    Do PM me for more info (model and etc)

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    For Outdoor 22 Nov

    Outdoor Shoot.

    Current Idea, however welcome changes

    Loc : Sentosa
    Suggested Max # pple per grp : 4
    Cost $90 . I am now assuming swimsuit or similar. If not can be lower. neg underway. Half day.
    Shoot at Beach and at buildings.
    Model From Malaysia.

    1) KelvinKoh
    2) Luv Dance
    3) Sykes Tang
    4) A.Saiful (later date if possible, so can't make it)

    I need a Team Leader.

    Anybody for Nov 21 evening ?

    2nd pic posted

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    Keeping the group small so that all can work together.

    Setting expectations right : if this is a go ahead ...and as this would be a set of pple grouping together, it would not be as well organised as astin's.

    And astin i believe keep the quality of experience high.

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    List for 22nd Nov Beach Shoot

    1) KelvinKoh
    2) Luv Dance
    3) Sykes Tang
    4) AJ23

    Kelvin Koh is the Team Leader.

    Possibility 4 more people in addition to the list.

    Note 4 per group.

    so morning and afternoon shoot.

    those interested pls PM

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    Default Follow uP

    Hi all

    For those who have not given me you contact, pls do so. PM me.

    Currently session to be divided to 2 session. Morning and afternoon.

    Model will have bikini and/or swimsuit.

    **Those who are still keen pls PM.

    Team Leader is Kelvin Koh.

    Additional night outdoor shoot on friday evening is being

    Again PM me, there will be planning session needed.


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