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    Btw the 18-55 shot (first few shot with white background), the white balance seems a bit off to my eye, wonder if it's my monitor. Maybe you can test with a grey card on your next shot. Precision is very important in a product shot. Ps if I say something wrong, just my 2 cent.

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    It's not your eyes.. I kinda botched up the white parts.. due to my non white study light. So the black back ground ones were better in the sense.

    Oh yeah I just started photography not long ago thats why my lenses are pretty much new.

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    can somebody explain how to make a photo like that...?
    i ussualy see a product photo with white bacground...

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    I shot it on a glass dining table with very low light. I used fast shutter speed witha external flash to get that effect of the black back ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draken413o View Post
    Setup: A glass dining table. Shot with 18-55 kit lens on tripod with external flashing.

    Combined 6 various flash point shots in photoshop to achieve the light tent effect.

    It just shows you dun need high-end equipments to get excellent shots...creative thinking is more important.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Draken413o View Post

    Might want to PS away the light reflection at the bottom of the image. In any case, So far so good

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