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    Hi all,

    Was wondering if anyone came upon this website with this set of photos.

    I remembered it was set of quite disturbing and astonishing photographs.

    Taken by a guy with a 35mm camera, and was shot in an empty hospital.

    Was written that he actually killed himself with the camera tied on his hand while clicking and jumping off the building.

    visited the site a few years back. cant remember the site name. any help?


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    Think I found the thread on it .. thanks,

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    This used to be it but I guess they took it down:

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    Ohh just to add... the story behind it was made up.

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    Hey thanks,

    I read about it, But still that set of photos are really intriguing.

    Saw it three years ago, just wanna re memorize it. aaha

    Googled for like an hour for that set of photos. but to no avail haha. Thanks anyway.

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    Maybe you might wanna email them abt it.


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