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    Hi All,

    Sharing a special album, shot with loads of love, for a collection of absolutely adorable mini keychain dolls bought from my recent trip to Bangkok:

    Pic 1:

    Pic 2:

    Pic 3:

    Pic 4:

    Pic 5:

    The full album is available here:

    Thanks all.


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    another 3 more selected ones here:

    Pic 6:

    Pic 7:

    Pic 8:

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    these are so cute. i love the way they are captured , giving a slice of live. existing within our world. very nice attention.
    let the universe surprise you .)

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    creative way to shoot keychains.. each picture seems to be telling a different story.
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    Quite a nice way of capturing them compared to the usual product shots.

    Seems to make good gifts for friends. Can share info on how much they cost?


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