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    Hi Everyone

    I'm seeking some advice. I find that when I shoot on the streets in Singapore, there's a lot of trees, buildings and other stuff casting unwanted shadows over my subjects. I sometimes use flash to patch up the shadows but sometimes, like in landscapes, flash just doesn't cut it. One example is here:

    I was thinking of shooting the path but the shot didn't turn out well because of the shadows falling across it. Any advice from the pros on how to deal with these shadows? And why did my photo turn out so small again?

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    Are you using camera in-built flash? If yes, you can try using attached flashes as they are much more powerful.

    If flash still can't brighten up the place, then it is probably wise not to shoot there. Since you can't do photography without good lighting.
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    not even an external hotshoe flash can cut it for filling shadows in landscapes.. best you could do if you really don't want shadows, wait for a cloudy day..

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    As you process the RAW file, increase the value of 'Fill Light'. It's not pitch black so I'm sure some areas can be recovered.

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    If you find the shadows undesirable, there comes the fun in waiting for the right light to take your photos.

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    maybe one day, you will find that shadows give depth to your photos.


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