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Thread: VOILA - the Biggest Modelling Agency

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    Default VOILA - the Biggest Modelling Agency

    I shall give this Agency some publicity here
    Have seen some ads recently about this Voila Agency -
    they claimed to be wanting to be the BIGGEST Modelling Agency in Singapore.

    Read carefully ....
    Earn $525 to $1,800 exclude assignment fee (Possible?)

    Attractive and well proportioned (are these conditions really for clients' or products photoshoots? I thought attractive and well proportioned ladies are only for those other clubs?)

    Be part of the ONLY EXCLUSIVE Modelling Club In Singapore (you mean there is NO exclusive MC in Singapore now??? or is it a false and misleading ads?)

    Anyone has any information or experience with this Agency?
    I see a fish market here .....
    always the Light, .... always.

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    Default Re: VOILA - the Biggest Modelling Agency

    Be warned .. there was an 'ULTIMATE MODELLING' SCAM recently ...police case...... they also wanted to be the UTLIMATE modelling agency

    VIOLA ! and your $$$$ is kaput.. gone.. gone with the wind

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    Default Re: VOILA - the Biggest Modelling Agency

    wa lau........

    NAI MEH MODELLING AGENCY is the biggest one... obviously...

    got cats everywhere, prices very competitive, foc


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