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    Went through my archives last night and found an old project of mine, Clonies 365. Wanted shoot a picture a day for my Lego Clone Troopers, but did not have the time to complete this project, it stopped at around 80, partly due to my enlistment.

    Below is the story to the picture,

    Despite the peaceful times on Earth, the Clones decide to set this up as a memorial for their brothers who were lost in other battles.
    __________________________________________________ __________________

    When a trooper is KIA in a battle, his body will be recovered and buried.

    The fallen trooper's weapon (most often it is a rifle with a mounted bayonet) is stuck to the ground, muzzle downwards, and the helmet is hung on the butt/stock.

    The fallen trooper's dog tags will be hung on the weapon. This acts as an identification for the grave. It also acts as the tombstone for the fallen trooper.

    No matter whether the soldier is a human or a clone, expendable or limited numbers, they had did their duties and died as a result of it. They should be buried with military honours.

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    you got a nice theme there but I can't clearly make out the weapon that support the helmet you mention inside your write up. but nice concept.

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    the weapon is a blaster rifle, it is supposed to be modelled to be like DC-15 but then it dun really look like it..

    the rifle was poked into the grey brick so it can stand on the black brick.. i apologise for that..

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    i like the red chinese letter signature.

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    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the 80 photos

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    well.. sad to say that my standard is abit of inconsistant.. not all have the same quality..

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