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Thread: D80 or D90 or canon eos 500d

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    Question D80 or D90 or canon eos 500d

    Hi All,
    Im looking to buy DSLR, to my surprise i came to know D80 has stopped from production and i cant get that in any shops, D90 is quite high for my budget....
    Can anyone suggest where can i get D80,

    In the camera shops they offer Canon 500D with 18-200 with image stabilising kit lens
    at the same price equilent to nikon d90 but lens range is lesser in nikon and the make is thailand and canon is made in japan...!!!

    im quite confused which one to buy...!!!
    but being used to nikon dslr im looking to buy D80...!!
    pls suggest...!!

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    Default Re: D80 or D90 or canon eos 500d

    go to mass sale section. look for user mcchaint. he sells used D80.
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    Default Re: D80 or D90 or canon eos 500d

    if you are ok with 2nd hand, there are many people selling their D80s in the personal classifieds section. Maybe the D90's magnetic power is very strong
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    Default Re: D80 or D90 or canon eos 500d

    if i were to start all over again, i might go for Canon if i were to just look at prices and nothing else.

    but when i start holding them in my hands, i will DEFINITELY go for nikon. fits my hands better.

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    Default Re: D80 or D90 or canon eos 500d

    So what if nikon has a smaller range? it's not like you'll be buying all the lenses. realistically, there are 4-5 lenses that you'll get, and those are available in all camera brands. Go out and try the cameras, consider the ergonomics.

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    firstly u got to ask urself whether are u going into nikon or canon 1st. i'm a nikon user. personally, i would go for the D80 instead of the D90. the price diff between the D90 and the D80 is ard $500 and there is not much improvements to the D90. If u are looking for the D80, u can find it at places like harvey norman or courts. they might still have. u can also check out camera shops like john 3.16 or AP. if u are lucky they might still have some old stocks left to sell u

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    Ultimately it's brand preferance. Go out there and try it for yourself to find which one suits you better.


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