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Thread: Photoshoots outdoor/hotel/on location

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    Default Photoshoots outdoor/hotel/on location

    Guys I'm not sure if this has been brought up before. I've never attended a paid photoshoot before but I'm curious to find out.

    1) For hotel/on location shoots, does the organizer provide any form of lighting/reflectors?
    2) Can the photographer bring his own strobes/reflectors/stands etc?

    I'm just curious because I see alot of photoshoots being organized that are located @ hotels...

    Would the strobes be too disruptive for other photographers who are shooting as well?

    3) In the case of 4:1 ratios, does each photographer take his turn? or is it a free for all for the time that they have?

    Thanks for answering.
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    Default Re: Photoshoots outdoor/hotel/on location

    if u shooting a large scale shoot at the hotel, make sure it is big enough and get clearance if possible. u can get away with a skeleton setup for a 1-1 shoot but if u bringing in strobes, better to be safe than sorry.


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