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Thread: a couple of my images

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    Default a couple of my images

    These aren't digital. Purely colour darkroom stuff. From my photography major year.


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    Which sch u from?

    Oh by the way...try scanning ur photos at lower res? or adjust size?

    Im not sure sure took a long time to load up on my 56k..hehe...
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    Default School of Design, Temasek Polytechnic

    I studied in the School of Design, Temasek Polytechnic. Graduated in 2000.

    I have to keep them in this resolution, this is the lowest I can go without forgoing any image quality.

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    arggghhh. why no comments???

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    cannot comment cos de images download too slow on my pc too...using 56kbps

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    Sciab, I think you better spread out the two pages into different segments

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    Actually, with the current dimensions, you can save at JPEG-5 without a lot of loss in quality. 200+ K for the image is a little on the big side. Fortunately I am on broadband.

    Anyway, can't really give any comments as I am not into abstracts.


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    Broadband~ Broadband~

    Seriously, dunnoe how to comment on anstract... I feel it really depends on what the photographer is trying to tell... the mood and the story... I think a good abstract is one that can get the message across....

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    I think this way, one shouldn't put too much meaning into an image for the image itself already has a meaning. no point putting extra meaning into it. I believe in an aesthetic approach to doing work like those I posted above.

    Composition is important in the initial production stage, and it is further improved by cropping while making the enlargement. try making an enlargement over a contact print at the same time, the effect you get is like the first image. No large sheets of film? improvise. My contact sheet was blown up from a 4x5 transparency. It makes photography more fun to work with in an alternative way. A lot of guesswork is done for that first image.

    The second image is much printing control done. the colours don't exist like this at 3 a.m. at the location.

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    i like the first one.... i think it's a tree bark right? but i can see alot of things there like snake, a human face, and water ripple too! hmmmm.... is that an original photo? or composite photos?

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    Default two things.

    Aha. so finally someone else replied.

    The first image, is a cherubim with a tree stump that has got a few leaves on top of it. It's an alternative print, of a transparency image with a negative image. it's making a contact print with an enlargement.

    step by step.

    1. i have a positive 4 x 5 inch transparency of the stump. i enlarged it onto an 8 x 10 inch film and processed it as a negative.

    2. In the enlarger i have a negative of a cherubim on 6 x 7 cm b&W film. exposed it over the contact print. Since the contact film cannot be seen, a lot of guesswork is used here.

    3. Voila.


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