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Thread: LX3 repair

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    Unhappy LX3 repair

    hello people,

    i smashed my lx3 badly. but,its stil usable. only thing is tat, the play mode tab is loose. and so i cant switch to camera mode for pics. its stil under warranty. but i guess i will have to pay for it as its not manufacturer default right? anyway, do you guys knw how much will it cost for da repair? should i send to panasonic or normal cam shops? and is there anyway to change da casing?


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    Angry Re: LX3 repair

    Sorry to hear this. Please send back to Panasonic as it is still under warranty. Your best bet for now. If you do not send it back during the warranty period and someone else is repairing it etc., the warranty becomes void. There's no harm to send it back to Panasonic.

    Keep your fingers crossed it will not cost too much.

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    Default Re: LX3 repair

    =I thks alot!! i wil check it out! thks! =)

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    Default Re: LX3 repair

    i suppose you already get the feeling that is not gonna be cheap...especially when the body is made of metal.

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