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    hi i'm totally new to photography and i'm open to any C & C! thanks

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    There are some ideas or message you are trying to project, but handicapped by your photographic technique. So polish up your photgraphic technique

    Photo-technique are divided into two main stream..

    Hardware...the various settings and modes of the camera, the variouse lenses, usage, aperture and focal length. Hardware also includes accessories like tripod, strobe/elec flashes/ filters etc.

    Software... the imaging editing type, for amateurs, I would recommend Photoshop Element.

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    thanks for the advice cabbySHE.
    i guess it's obvious that i've no knowledge on photography what-so-ever. lol.

    anyways i guess that i'll have to look around at how others shoot and perhaps pick up abit more knowledge.

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    Usually to what my understanding, this type of figure are used to resemble the proportion and various movement of the actual human form, frequently been used in art classes for beginners to learn sketching.

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    lol. i know that but unfortunately i don't have any model who'll pose for me. so i have to use my wooden friend.


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