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    Post Esplanade Outdoor Theatre what area is critique to be sought?
    I will like feedback on the composition and photography technique.

    2.what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?
    I want to show the whole beauty of Esplanade Outdoor Theatre against the blue sky in this shot.

    3.under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)
    Taken under a hot sun at 16mm with no flash used. Bent my knees slightly to get some of the sky at the top of the frame.

    4.what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture
    Personally I like this shot. However, I must admit that the buildings behind is a distraction to the picture. Can teach me what to do in such situation?

    P.S. No post processing done to the photo.

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    Any chance to re-shoot this in a 8.00 am morning ?

    This will test how " enthu " you are into photography, and also you will learn the best time for photographing some subject. Put in some effort...

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    i do not know it it is possible. but can you try to shoot at a different again. using the city skyline as a compliment to the outdoor theater?
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    If possible try going further back and then zooming in, there seems to be some distortion along the sides of the picture - seems like the buildings are falling! I quite like the composition, but the buildings are indeed a little distracting. Maybe you can try capturing it from a lower angle, such that you angle upwards toward the sky - not sure if that will work though!

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    tilted, and cluttered

    that said, even if those are corrected, this view is way too cluttered to be of any specific merit

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    In fact, this sail/membrane like structure should be outstanding by itslef, but I suppose the location is somehow restricted. Haven't visited the place and take a good look, so unable to advice further, however, very sure that the morning sun will lit up the backgrd, and might give the subject a golden coat of light.

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    This is a textbook case of "you came, you saw, you like and you shot".

    Before you took the photo, did you realise that the buildings in the background will become a distraction? Or did you discovered port-mortem? If you knew they were going to be a distraction all along, no action taken to avoid them at all?

    Do you think by capturing the structure's entirety, together with other distractions work? Did you spent time walking around, looking for other spots to take the photo? Did you realise that no matter where you take the photo from, there will be some distractions if you chosed to capture the structure in its entirety? What do you do then? Have you thought of approaching the subject with a different concept (if there was one to begin with)? What makes you think you have to capture the structure in its entirety "to show its beauty"?

    Make a study. Identify what you like about the structure. The curving lines of the menbrane? The steel columns? Isolate elements. Think about simplicity. Do you not think that you could have ended with a series of architectural abstracts that could be more significant that what you have? Can you represent this structure with a series of photos instead of one which obviously did not work?

    Notice how brightly lit the roof is which contrasts the shadowed area its covering? Can you make this contrasting light work for you? Why would you want to take the photo under the hot sun? Because you just happened to be there? Is there any other time you can go back there and take it with a different light? If you think you need to take the photo under this kind of condition then must it be coloured? Why not B&W?

    Photography as in all design work is about having an idea to what you want to achieve. The end result is merely a tool for you to communicate your ideas.

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    Thanks for all the guides!

    Personally, I like this angle alot. Will definitely go back and try another shot in the morning as suggested.

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    I liked the way you played with the lines of the theater. But try to shoot around 5 in the afternoon or 8 in the morning for a better natural light. Also, the buildings in the background became a distration.


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