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Thread: Nikon user.. Speedlight?? Optional Flash??

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    Default Nikon user.. Speedlight?? Optional Flash??

    Sorry to ask this.. but really know's nutz bout all this..

    wat's the use of an optional flash? or is being call speedlight in nikon world...

    i own a Nikon5400... do u guys think a speedlight is a muz? and WAT's the use of a speedlight? WHEN will i need to use it?? and HOW to use it?? and it seem to be so many type of speedlight? HOW will i know WHICH is better or WHY is it better? and WHICH suit me well?

    there are like AUTOFOCUS Speedlights (SL), TTL SL, etc..

    WAT's teh diff btw AUTOFOCUS SL and TTL SL?

    and for AUTOFOCUS itself, it got a few more models again..

    let's compare SB-80DX and SB-27.. wat's the diff? and wat's the use? wat's the function? so i will understand more..

    m i asking to much WHEN? WHAT? and WHY?

    but really hope some1 will enlighten me..



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    u will find them useful when using tele converters.Using extermal flash will reduce vignetting. for the case of macro shots,using off-camera flash produce better results than bulit-in flash.

    as u improve yr photographic skills, u will find that front lighting from the built in flash to give a flat image, no depth, harsh.

    The ability of external flash allow bouncing of flash or adding color to for creative effect.

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    sorry, but wat is tele converter?

    and wat's the different btw diff type of Speedlight?

    and wat u mean by vignetting.. i m bad in my ang mo.. hehehe


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