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Thread: how did he get that?

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    Default how did he get that?

    I browsed through Andy Ho's online gallery.
    It was breath taking.. ie. i almost died due to lack of breath...

    anyway, His ubin gallery esp. the picutre composition was quite good, nothing very special. But the colour richness, texture and the contrast was just too perfect!

    how did he do that?
    is it by ultra good lens? or by some camera settings, or just some photoshop magic??

    Enlighten me!

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    forgot to put his url:

    enjoy being breathless.

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    I agree that the ubin gallery is really good. colours are very saturated.

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    I think it has much to do w lighting. Notice those shots w saturated colours r taken mainly when the weather is cloudy or for the sunset shots they are like when the sun is low in the sky. Never are the shots taken when the sun is directly overhead coz then the colours will be washed out. Think this shld explain y the colours are so nicely saturated. Dun think there's a need for super gd lens for saturated colours. Lighting plays a much more impt role in colour saturation, whether it's for film or digital

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    very good composition and really fascinated with his works !!!

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    really good shots. well composed and saturated.

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    leave him an email...
    he will be willing to share
    cos this is wat i did ... heehee...
    got a few tips from him
    very friendly guy


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