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Thread: The bag i saw at AP

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    Default The bag i saw at AP

    I went to AP today to get the $70 dry cabinet...
    then i saw this crumpler bag which is supposingly a free gift when you buy the nikon F75. but the person told me i could have it for $50...
    its a Budgie Smuggler but with the logo of nikon on the straps.. i didn't mind the logo.. it didn't really spoil everything..

    So, is it worth it? i'm sure its not the last price... or a lowepro reporter 100aw is better?

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    I've got the Crumpler bag (got it when I bought the F75 under the offer). Has lots of padding, can fit a body(without lens attached) and 2 lens. A front compartment for film, filters etc, and I dump my speedlight on top. It's small, convenient, waterproof and would not look at all like a camera bag except for the nikon logo emblazoned on the sides...

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    how much will be a 100aw / 200aw cost? i wanted to get one...


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