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Thread: Taking shots from a close distance

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    Default Taking shots from a close distance

    cannot get the camera in focus when my subject is pretty close. I'm a newbie, so I'll just tell you what it says on the lens:

    AUTO - CHINON - ZOOM - MC - MACRO - 35~80mm - 1:3.5~4.9

    I could of course just take it from a father distance, then digitally crop it...but I wanna move away from digital, and there may be instances where I have no choice but to take the shot close up.
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    Default Re: Taking shots from a close distance

    Check the min focusing distance of your lens.
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    Default Re: Taking shots from a close distance

    U need a macro lens for close-ups. Perhaps your macro lens isnt doing a high enough magnification.
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    Default Re: Taking shots from a close distance

    a dedicated macro lens is usually a prime lens..zoom lens are not designed as true macro lens. e.g my 24-70 has a "macro" range, but it's not true macro


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