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    Quote Originally Posted by thenomad View Post
    in general, ang moh bosses treat their employees better. likewise for ang moh companies. they respect employees as human beings, not like slaves. most of the time, they are just trying to solve the problem, not trying to find faults with people.

    dont want to sound offensive, but in asian culture people are always trying to blame others. as long as they can blame somebody, they are happy. blame first, solve problem later. also like to tekan and squeeze people.

    male or female, i personally haven't work under a female boss before, but have worked with one from a diff department. well, in short, she (local) likes to tekan people, threaten, blah blah.
    Make yourself an asset to the company!

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    Quote Originally Posted by loserow View Post
    depends on their character lah.. be it male or female... it's all down to individual...
    Agreed... both boss and subordinate must work together. If you dont treat your soldier well during peace time, you will be the first to be short by your soldier during an emergency!

    U depend on them to fight your battle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeiPiGu View Post
    I went for an interview not long back and the dept head is a lady. One of the first few questions being asked is whether I'm comfortable working with a female boss. I think previous male employees must have a tough time working with least that's how they made me feel
    So, what happened? did you get the job?

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