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yes, i understand

sorry if you misconstrued what i meant, what i meant is that, if you read harder, these books you are reading actually have the answer

yes, 要问才会学, but i think , it is fair to say, if your questions are not the usual or more valid ones, then it is only natural for people to think otherwise.

anyways, to answer your question

every lighting situation needs a certain amount of exposure, exposure for your camera is affected by:

1) shutter speed
2) aperture
3) iso

these choices all affect other things, as the books would tell you, shutter speed would affect the amount of motion in your picture (think about it, and you'll see why).. aperture will affect depth of field (or how much of the picture is in focus) and iso will affect the amount of grain in the picture.
i'm sorry to you too that if i said any impolite words
ya all this things i know alr
jus dont understand about the FIXED stops only :P
i know it is maybe the film with only full stops or the habit of photography~

thanks ya xD