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    Hi, i'm a newbie.

    I made this shot to capture the emotions of the bride before walking down the aisle. I focused on her face and overexposed the background to add softness, serenity to the image.

    I used nikon F80 and nikkor 50mm 1.8 AF-D.
    Shot at f1.8. Ambient light, no fill flash.
    I used fuji ISO 100 colour film and converted it to monochrome using photoshop.

    Would like to know your comments/critiques in my composition and the exposure. Thanks!

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    great concept and composition
    but i can't seem to find your focus in your image.
    somehow or rather it seem too soft.
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    i think this isn't half bad

    personally i'm more tolerant to corrections to achieve vision, so i would have cloned out the distractions in the background, but other than that, i like the image as it is.

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    I think it's a lovely photo but I get the feeling that the black border is holding the piece together.
    If you remove the border you'll realize that the blacks in the photo isn't black enough.
    You could try adjusting the levels to make the blacks a little darker.

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    nicely composed...

    can try to up the contrast a bit...think would look better
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    You sure you're a newbie? wubbzy, this is a beautiful shot.

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    nice composition. i feel it's a little over exposed.... could have used more detail


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