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    C/C for the colors etc etc pls

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    look better if the camera is properly propped up and shot at a lower angle. you might also want to soften the lighting as it is giving the subject to have unpleasing shadows.
    if im wrong pls correct me anyone. thanks

    Keep on shooting and posting tho

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    my thoughts on that photo, you could make the photo dimmer if there's such a word, since it looks like an old camera adding a little yellow light will bring more "feel" to the photo.


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    The slogan that goes with this camera was...

    Yashica Electro 35...the camera that can take nite scene and candle light WITHOUT FLASH !

    and I was sold.

    Nevertheless, it did deliver picture of candle light.

    for the photo/ didn't do justice to the camera. I will show you sometime later.

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    can start looking now..slowly coming. hope you'll benefit.

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    Hi !

    i'm looking for them right now, sorry for the late reply as i've been busy this few weeks

    more than glad to learn more from you guys here

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    wasn't able to get hold of this camera cos it's my gf's parent's.. will try again next time.

    this picture was taken during the same time as the first shot


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