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Thread: Sunday 26th April Paragon Semi-Flash Mob

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    Default Sunday 26th April Paragon Semi-Flash Mob

    Hi guys, not sure if this is the right place to post, do shift it to the appropriate place if it's not appropriate.

    There'll be an event going on tomorrow at Paragon. Paragon is inviting down a Jazz Orchestra to play at their entrance.

    Dancers from all over Singapore, primarily Lindy Hoppers have agreed to go down for a "Lindy Bomb". It's like a flash mob where people crash a certain event and start dancing spontaneously. They've also come up with a dresscode theme for the crash, it's called "Sailor Suit Girls & Sarong Party Boys".

    I would like to invite any of the photographers here who are interested in coming down to take photographs of the event. Do drop me a message in my inbox or send me an email and I'll provide details of the event if you're interested.

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    Default Re: Sunday 26th April Paragon Semi-Flash Mob


    That sounds like great FUN!

    But it's a bit of super late notice.

    I only saw this post now.

    Perhaps you could keep us updated about future events, especially if you're connected with the lindyhop groups!

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    Default Re: Sunday 26th April Paragon Semi-Flash Mob

    Wow,that nice.


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