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    Hi all, just a few quick questions

    I have my camera D80 (nikkon) and a nice macro lens, now i also have a tripod but what is lacking is da lights!!!! I have been reccomended some 180 watt great big suckers but they are verging to nearly 2 grand so and i know u can get them for around $750 in sim lim but there from china anyway, I wanna spend $250 max! i heard u can get some tunston lights, but I have no idea where to buy em? does anyone know? i actually know nuts about these lights so any help would be appreciated, and what about power pack? cause im looking to haul this stuff aorund, anyway any info would greatly be appreciated...

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    Cheapest lighting set I know is the infamous Jinbei Delicacy 180 kit - 3 monolights with accessories for $480 from the I don't know how much Vivitars are but they're one of the cheaper ones you can find too. Else, settle for available light and use reflectors. Guess havta learn how to make use of what you have if you can't afford to spend on equipments.

    Good luck.

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    Tungsten lights Ikea got, but generall lower powered up to about 60 or 70W. Can also get the concentrated spotlight fixtures or lamp-holders that use 40W spots.

    High powered blasters get the display light sockets and bulbs that fruit stalls use (min 100 - 150W) and fashion your own lightboard.

    CHEAPEST (and some would say the nicest, bestest and flatteringest) light source for food photography would be SUNLIGHT, diffused and reflected.

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    Highly agree... natural is the best....
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    hmm interesting, but i would argue lighting is paramount and that u cant really rely on sunlight, cause who can predict the weather right? anyway I found tunston lights in Sim Lim Square top lvl(6) orient photo 3 lights 100 watt for $380 which i think is quite a good deal, im not sure if i need three but anyway, perhaps i'll sell one, anyway im rambling seem like nice guys i reccommend em for future customers... also they are $150 each..for anyone that interested...

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    so anyone wanna buy brand new light tunston for $120?


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