Hello, I'm new here . Recently switched from SD to SDHC cards. PC couldn't read card & I understand abt incompatibility issues with older PCs and SDHC. Sim Lim sales people advised it was ok to buy card reader that doesn't specifically say is for SDHC. But I want to know if I am corrupting the card or the contents by not using a SDHC compliant card reader?
So anyhow, with card reader, I'm able to transfer the pics from the cards to PC but when I re-insert the card back to my Canon 1000D, it says cannot create folder. Tried it with 3 different cards. Same results. My compact cam is able to read all 3 cards. Is there a way to reformat the card direct from the cam from exactly when that message appears? Or do I have to reformat the card in PC first each time b4 I reinsert back to the cam? Seems too troublesome that way and defeats the purpose of having a higher capacity card. I'd prefer not to hook up cam direct to PC. Thanks in advance and wld appreciate yr help!