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    hi guys, how do i remove yellow cast or blue from skin tone? u know, the kind where the wall is yellow and when u bounce the flash and it hit the subject and jaundice it. hehe

    do u all create and action like remove blue,green, yellow in photoshop?

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    first thing, you only bounce when the wall or ceiling is in neutral color.

    if you shooting it in RAW, you might able to adjust the WB to correct it.

    if you are shooting in JPG, you might able to use curve to adjust it.

    You can't run it in batch processing of actions, UNLESS, all the shots are shot with same angle, same distance, same exposure, same amount of color biased.
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    It'll beeasier to tell if you post the image.

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    sorry, i dont know how topost pics here

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    Quote Originally Posted by tricked View Post
    sorry, i dont know how topost pics here

    the answers are out there, if you bother to find..


    and that will help

    see uncle catchlight's reply , it is good


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