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Thread: 18/4 ~T h e E x o t i c B o h e m i a n s~

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    Default 18/4 ~T h e E x o t i c B o h e m i a n s~

    T H E E X O T I C B O H E M I A N S


    This will be the outfit and location u will be expecting. this is magdalene as well.
    credit to RAY


    credit to ray


    credit to calvin

    Time: 0900-1130
    no. of models: TWO
    Equipment: 1 giant reflector and 1 medium reflector.
    Location : due to the place being inaccessible, i will be providing transport with my van and do a pickup at pungol mrt station.
    Makeup: MUA provided, this is the mua's portfolio
    PRICE: $50

    PM me and include the details as follow
    1. name
    2. contact number
    3. mode of transport there.

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    Default Re: 18/4 ~T h e E x o t i c B o h e m i a n s~

    Is there any mistake? Today is already 21/4.


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