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Thread: Need advise on product shoot (Apparel)

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    Default Need advise on product shoot (Apparel)

    Hi guys,

    I m doing a product shoot on some apparels for a client and this is my first such assignment. May I know what things to take note of? What do I need?

    No model is involved.

    Many thanks!!!

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    I would think you need:
    - a studio with clean background
    - studio flash light
    - something to hold the clothes, or something to hang the clothes

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    Make sure you check very carefully with the client what he actually wants. Do not accept "you are the photographer, so you decide" answers. You will cry if he rejects the shots not because they're bad, but because they do not meet his criteria for usage. Every commerical image is shot with a end-purpose in mind. Is it a catalogue shot, or is it for point-of-sales? What is important in the shoot? Is it the fabric, colours, cutting etc? Such answers will give you more clues on what is needed, if the client is not able to give you a good answer on what he is looking for.

    Oh... if you're shooting on digital camera, watch out for the dreaded moire patterns if your camera doesn't come with an anti-aliasing filter. Hope this helps.

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    It's for their catalogue use during the year end sales ...

    anyway .. appreciate the replies!


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