may i know, if anyone here has been there? i'm quite sure a number have. i wish to ask, is there anything in particular i should look out for?

i booked ferry and hotel direct, so, i saved the agency fee.

may i know if there is anything special i would look out for? i'm looking foward to a romantic budget experience with my girl. just for info sake, hotel costs 130 ferry costs 37 SGD, if anyone is interested to know.

i'm looking foward to sunset, sunrise, elephant ride, island hopping, mangrove tour, anything else to note? appreciate it. not so much of water spots as my girl is not v friendly with waves.

1 more thing, i would be going to the more TOWN area for 1 nite stay, and intend to visit the town side attractions. is there anyone who has booked a cab for the entire day of sight seeing before? how do you go about it? hows the prices like?

of course, i know that dealing in SGD or RP, of coz i would prepare lots of RP as the exchange rate would be disadvantaged to SGD.

and of course, i would take note not to anyhow befriend pple, bring no brand bags, keep my camera safe.

lastly, can anyone give me a guide, how much is the standard taxi fare? i assume i would be taking that mostly. as mentioned earlier, mainly book a cab whole day and take me around. i hope there are english speaking drivers.

thanks a lot.
i appreciate anyone who can help.