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    Here I wanted to symbolize, by means of the position of my son in the stairs (almost initially of the raise), the long way that he will still have in the life, the steps and the obstacles that he will have that to draw lots, up to coming to the top. The shade of the rail on the stairs a guide symbolizes in order that not apart from the way and he does not fall down. And the top that I wish for my son is that simply, he is happy …

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    the picture is good but i'm wondering about the processing which appears to lack certain punch. an alternative angle can be a lower one to emphasise the flight of the stairs.

    was the processing due to the shadow/highlight adjustment?

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    something is wrong with the picture here, it looks like too much shadow lifting abuse.. but i'm not sure.

    it is nicely composed though.

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    it feels like its been drawn and shaded in pencil. Thats the feeling it evokes...

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    The title is towards the top. I am thinking if it will be better to include the top in the picture to show depth, distance?

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    I dont like the pic. Too artificial... my view

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    Imho, The vertical shadow from the railing distracts me. It may be better to frame the shot such that the railing was in the picture and your child's side profile can be seen. I also agree with Richter that the title "Towards the top" should come with the view from the top (in this case, perhaps a clear blue sky with some patches of white fluffy cloud)

    My apologies if I sound too picture-perfect but I am just applying the title to the photo. It is not easy to capture your child and that moment so a very good job for the photo. The title could have read "Every little step" and I would think it was a nicely composed shot.

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    I like it

    Nice capture of the moment, good composition and an interesting background. For a moment, I wondered if it was a solarized shot (or a digital equivalent, with adjusted curves), but I think that's because of the hard lighting.
    I do agree with some of the others that the shadow of the railing is a little distracting, but it's not a big deal. It's subjective, but I don't think we need to see the top to get the point -- we know it's there. Anyway, whatever's at the top is unlikely to contribute to the shot.
    But I do get the feeling that you may be guilty of over-elaborating the symbolism of the photo -- steps, obstacles, the rail as a guide. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds a little too much like after-the-fact rationalisation, which the photo doesn't need.

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    Nice one

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    I feel that the composition is really working for me despite it being taken from a more conventional perpective.
    However, it feels like your son is blending in to the background.
    Maybe you can try burning the blacks and dodging the white of your son a bit to make him stand out more, or adjust the contrast just for him and leave the background.
    Since you're trying to emphasize on this idea of obstacles, you could blur the top part of the stairs a little more to give a heightened sense of depth and distance.
    Just some suggestions, but still, I think it's a lovely photo.

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    Noob comment
    IMO, nice composition
    but maybe if shot from lower angle looking slightly up would suit the theme more?
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    I love this! totally conveys what you want. i could have positioned him further down showing more of the stairs up ahead plus kneeling or crouching to convey height of the climb


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    The height of the climb is accentuated by the number of lines(steps) which the boy has to climb. A shot taken from a lower angle would offer another perspective, BUT I assure you that what you've done isn't wrong either. My only problem with this picture is that, it looks a tad flat.

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    The kid looks 2-d.

    That's the first impression I get upon looking at the photo. The contrast is lacking, the highlights and shadows look off.
    I think this would turn out much better in colour.

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    I like this picture.

    It reminds me of monocrom or similar film products from 135mm era.

    I wonder if the shadow running up along the route of the boy is a railguard?
    If so, I might have considered having the actual railgurad IN the frame along with the shadow.
    Furthermore I would have considered making at least one of the lines go in an angle towards the middle of the motiv on the way up, if I make myself clear now.
    That would have demanded another angle for the photographer or maybe another length of lense.

    In the postprocessing, I would have considered either more monocrome effect OR back to more tones with less contrast.
    It is a little like "between chairs" and as it is now, it's like the boy is pasted into the picture of stairs.

    But I still like the composition and the tendensy of technique.



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