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Thread: Bikini Babes on Jet Skis @ $65

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    Default Bikini Babes on Jet Skis @ $65

    Bikini Babes on Jet Skis @ $65

    When: 25th April 2009

    Where: Will be reviewed to paid participants

    What: Outdoor Bikini Shoot- Sexy, sporty, bikini girls posing with jet skis, sea kayaks and rescue equipment.

    How: With 1 jet ski, 2 kayaks

    Slot 1: 9-11 am: Gillian(Tatarah Babe), Min Er(FHM top 100 girl next door), Jiselle(Tatarah Babe)

    Slot 2: 3-5pm: Jasmine, Jiselle(Tatarah Babe), Chloe (FHMís Top 100 girl next door)

    Well folks, we all know events like this donít come by everyday so what are you waiting for? Bang in your bucks and get snapping on the 25th! For RSVP please contact us at
    Email us your details as follows

    Contact no:
    Time slot:

    Location and invoice will be released after your payment has been credited to our account.

    Credits to for Gillian and Jiselle picture
    Credits to Sharpshooterz for Min Er picture
    Credits to Alan for Jasmine picture
    Credits to Phoa for Choe picture

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    Default Re: Bikini Babes on Jet Skis @ $65

    How come your photo is so dark?

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    wrong again..
    blue bikini then is miner, not jiselle.

    *i'm miner.


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